At Earworm, we specialize in one thing only – delivering quality sound to our clients

We believe in the additive power of audio, in other words, crafting the perfect soundtrack for your piece of communication, exponentially increases its effectiveness.  If it isn’t perfect, you don’t get that additive effect. 


The best way to achieve this is to understand the brief implicitly and then carefully draw-down on different combinations of sonic disciplines. It is a virtuous circle, not a linear workflow…


So, whether partnering with you to develop a strategic audio treatment, composing the perfect bespoke soundtrack, sourcing the right music and voice talent, recording an effective and powerful voiceover, crafting complex sound design, applying a world class audio final mix – or a combination of the above - your project will get the right sonic skillset it needs to shine!


  • Amplifying your brand positioning through the strategic implementation of sound

  • Bespoke brand music composition and development of audio brand assets

  • Music supervision, sourcing and editing

  • Complex sound design, track laying, ADR

  • Commercial audio postproduction for broadcast, digital, social, corporate and content

  • Remote voiceover recording/client participation capabilities via Zoom, Teams and Source Connect.


Our artisanal approach is underpinned by the robust and hands-on production style of industry stalwart – Stuart Botha. Whatever your project requires operationally, Stuart is your man. 


We’ve been around since 2006 so we know how to get things done, on time and on budget. No matter how complex your project is, you can feel at ease when booking it in at Earworm.



We operate out of a full-service, commercial audio post production studio with catering, comfortable workspaces and plenty of parking. We are on generator backup, so no downtime during load shedding! Dry-hire option is available for trusted partners, so you can enquire with Stuart.