multi-disciplinary services

Audio Treatments

Get us in early! At Earworm we love it when clients get us in at the strategy stage as we can

Bespoke Music Composition

SCREW IT… LET’S GET A LIVE STRING QUARTET ON THIS! We craft music. Whether you need an original

Sound Design

Twisting metal and giant space worms… Sound design is where psychoacoustics and

Audio Final Mix

Can we have 3 options on that…? With a decade of commercial, audio post production experience,

Source Connect

Earworm offers Source Connect functionality so voiceovers and vocalists can be recorded from

Voice Casting & Direction

Try it like this… We are slightly obsessive about crafting and guiding voice artists together

Voiceover Guides

Need a high quality guide voiceover? Paul has helped many offline editors and agencies sell

Music Supervision

Earworm has successfully searched, selected and supervised the use of exclusive and

Full Service Catering

Our in-house catering department  headed by Lizzie Modibe, will ensure that you are kept well