Over the past 8 years, Rob has worn many hats in the audio post-production field ranging from sound designer, final mix and ADR engineer to studio manager and music composer.


He has worked on top productions from all around the world such as The Walking Dead(Portuguese), Disney's The Lionguard (Zulu), National Geographic's Speed Kills series, The Voice South Africa and Survivor South Africa.


As a professional he prides himself on delivering the best quality product, always keeping a good attitude and never passing up on an opportunity to learn.


When Rob is not in the studio he loves spending his time with his wife taking their two dogs for a walk or getting lost in a new video game.

Rob's work





Jo “Pink Earthling” Darling is a post-production sound engineer with over 15 years of experience in transforming sound waves into magical air waves. 


As the quintessential ‘Pink Earthling’, your time in studio with Jo will be far from ordinary. Jo’s Pinkness lives in her vibrant personal energy and passion for the fun, crazier side of life. 


Jo has been involved in many award-winning ad campaigns both locally and abroad with top advertising agencies and production house’s. 


She doesn’t see the world in ordinary shades. Sound for her is far from black and white. In fact, it’s pink. With Jo, sound transcends all to give you the ultimate pink noise experience.

Jo's work




Stuart Botha has been in production since 2002. Working through the ranks, starting at City Cuts, Famous Editors and moving on to The Refinery and Ministry of Illusion before taking the big leap with Fresh VFX.


Stuart is well known in the industry for his unique flair and strong working relationships with his clients.


He’s always able to assist and go above and beyond with great attention to detail ensuring that the whole process runs smoothly.